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The FACE© program modalities and publication topics also come in workshops , teaching or coaching modules. Sessions are available for youth mental health and allied professionals, educators and parents. Levels are adjusted to demand, including pre– or postgraduate training and continuing education. Request information on predefined topics and formats, or for sessions tailored to demand. 


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All topics benefit from a multimodal approach to Facilitating the Adjustment of Cognitions and Emotions, whereby sessions focus on how to face the situation at hand for parents or in school.

 ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in school and at home.

 Juvenile Bipolar Disorder in school and at home

 Is it ADHD or Bipolar Disorder? Differentiation and Comorbidities

 Children’s emotional and behavioral difficulties at home, in school

 Facilitating the Adjustment of Cognitions and Emotions to face learning difficulties

 FACE-SIB: from conflict to cooperation in sibling relations

 Socio-cultural Diversity in school, at home, in society: facilitating resilience

 Diversity in mental health care: facilitating good practices

 Family assessment*

 Children’s drawings and family experiences

 Animal Family Drawing test*

 Family Relations Test*

 Children’s self-expression in maltreatment contexts*

 Audition of child witnesses*

 Child and family assessment in legal contexts*

Request information on predefined formats or sessions tailored to demand. FR | NL | EN

* marked topics are for professionals only (pre– or postgraduate).

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