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The FACE©-program, based on the FACE©-model (Facilitating Adjustment of Cognition and Emotion), is a systematized multi-site, multimodal prevention and intervention program for youth with cognitive, emotional and behavioral difficulties and their families. FR | NL | EN

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Multi-site, multimodal interventions:

The FACE-progam focuses on prevention, medical and psychological intervention, assessment and test development, continuing education for mental health professionals as well as psycho-education and parental coaching.

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Investigations and projects:

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  FACE© ADHD: hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity in youth

 FACE© Bipolar Disorders across the life span

 Sociocultural diversity in the Adjustements of Cognitions and Emotions, implications for mental health services

 Conflict and violence in sibling relationr: FACE©-SIB

 Children’s self– and family experiences through the Animal Family Drawing Test© & the Family Relation Test Dutch Version ‘99’

 Post Traumatic Stress and Coping in Israeli and Palestinian adolescents: risk factors and resiliency processes

 Psychological and medical follow-up of ICSI children, on personal and family levels


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